Gr3y1 vs Lucifer? GT-R

The supercar of the PlayStation generation, Nissan’s "Godzilla" is one of the most technically advanced supercars of its era and one of the quickest yet around the Nürburgring.

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Power / Torque
404kw / 628Nm
0-100 kph
Top speed
Engine layout
Twin-turbo V6
Engine capacity


Voter Comment
Well now its mine Time to put one of these in the garage!
Well now its mine Aha, I can vote again!
Keeg toto
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covid panda OMG a good car :)
mickey mouse ``
KotaruAdmin AdminKotaru
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Samruddhi Kshirsagar
Jon White Its good
Jon White
Landon Jason Looks really classy
h j It looks cool
Stacey Adams
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ME ME black
lexie bat Classy and stylist
brae main ``
John Smith
tom hunter hehehe yea boi
Jimmy Jim noice
Jimmy jim
tim hunter